The Master’s Men – Philip

I’m reading a book about the twelve disciples Jesus called to follow him and over the next couple weeks I plan to write revelations the Lord gives me and different quotes that catch my eye.

It’s funny, but when most people of the world think about the disciples, the first word that generally comes to mind is righteous or pious; They hold them on this high pedestal and assume they were the only men qualified to carry the anointing of Christ. When you take a fresh look at the disciples, you’ll be faced with a stunning fact: The men Jesus chose were plain, regular, and ordinary men – But they were obedient to the Master’s call.  

The disciple that I have learned the most from right now is Philip. Philip, was a facts-and-figures guy – a buy-the-book, practical-minded type of individual.  He was very cynical and generally thought with his head instead of his heart.  “Philip was apparently the apostolic administrator. It is likely that he was in charge of arranging meals and lodging as Jesus’ ministry traveled throughout the Judean region.” During the feeding of the five-thousand, as it was nearing meal time, the disciples all looked to Philip for ideas of how to feed all the people.   Even Jesus (who already knew what he was going to do) turned and tested Philip, asking, “How do you propose to feed all these people?” And Philip, who had witnessed Jesus perform miracle after miracle, responds with an immediate “it can’t be done Lord.” The limitless supernatural power of Christ had completely escaped his thinking.  He needed to set aside his fleshly, materialistic concerns and trust in the power of Jesus!

Another glimpse of Philip operating in his pessimistic flesh mode is seen in the upper room during the Last Supper. It is the last night of Jesus’ earthly ministry and the disciples gathered to spend their last intimate moments with their Teacher. Jesus has just spent 2-3 years raising up and training his disciples to carry out his work after he was gone, teaching them to use the same power and authority he had demonstrated. Jesus never explicitly told the disciples that he was God in human form, but after spending 3 years with him you’d think they’d figure it out. While they were eating together Jesus made a huge statement about his deity: “If you had known Me, you would have known my Father also; and from now on you know him and have seen him” (John 14:7). Philip spoke up and said, “Lord, show us the Father, and it is sufficient for us.” What kind of a comment was that? What did Philip think had been going on the past three years? He’d witnessed Jesus stand in the face of demons and rebuke them back to the pit of Hell, he’d seen hundreds of miracles and healings of people with diseases and deformities, and yet he says “Lord, show us the Father.” For three years Philip had gazed into the very face of God, and it was still not clear to him.

“If we were interviewing Philip for the role to which Jesus called him, we might say, “He’s out. You can’t make him one of the most important people in the history of the world.” But Jesus said, “He’s exactly what I’m looking for. My strength is made perfect in his weakness.” I’m so thankful the Lord uses men like Philip to better his kingdom.

God can use anyone. He meets us with grace, mercy, and forgiveness and transforms our lives into lives that reflect his glory. Be obedient. Be open to the Lord and truly trust Him. You’ll be amazed at the ride He’ll take you on!!!   



A few weeks ago I was convicted that I do not spend enough time in GODs WORD! I don’t think we can spend enough time in the WORD…so anyways, I started reading the gospels(starting with Matthew).I was reading about when Jesus call out Matthew.


Matthew 9:9-13.

As Jesus was walking along, he saw a man called Matthew sitting at the tax booth; and he said to him “follow me.” And he got up and followed him.

And as he sat at dinner in the house many tax collectors and sinners came and were sitting with him and his disciples. When the Pharisees saw this, they said to his disciples, “why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinner? But when he heard this, he said, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. Go learn what this means, “I desire mercy, not sacrifice.’ For I have not come to call not righteous but sinners!



This was a very unpopular thing for Jesus to do. Tax collectors were not exactly the most popular dudes of the time. I find it crazy how Jesus used the most unlikely characters to further his kingdom. I m starting to see that everything is upside down when it comes to Jesus; Who and what Christ used! He hangs with the delinquents and reached out to the people who nobody cared about. He uses messed up people like me to do kingdom work…Everything about whom Jesus Christ is blows my mind!!! That’s what’s been rolling in my vacant space that I call me brain.

Peace Out


Prodigals & Pharisees

Set up the road signs, put up the guideposts (Jer. 31:21), the prodigal’s coming home.

There’s a new wind blowing, a new sound arising, can we hear the trumpet of the Lord??


The prodigals will come home…there’s a familiar wind blowing in Sioux Falls, and when they feel it, they will come home.  The question is, is the church ready for them?  Can the church cast off Pharisee-type thinking and accept the prodigal with open arms, in love and grace and all that Christ would want?  Are the Pharisees going to be OK if God uses the prodigal even more than they think he is using them?  Will the church even humbly accept the prodigal’s ministry over them?

God is going to bring the prodigals back.  God is going to use them in very mighty ways.  The church can choose to either bless them, or let self-righteousness overtake their hearts.  

But what a glorious thought!!! Those who have strayed from the truth, who have stumbled away from the first love of their hearts – they will RETURN!!!!  Even those who seem to be right with God, attending church and meetings, will crave more and more of God.  Oh what a glorious time this is!  I pray that the church would arise – that all the prodigals would return to the intimacy that they first knew – that the Pharisees would lay down their pride and self-righteousness – all for the GLORY of His Kingdom; all for His Name’s sake.

For His Glory, MO


       So im sure some of you have heard of this dude named Smith Wigglesworth, but alot of you probobly havent. He was around in the 1800s in england. from the day he was born he was totally anointed. All he wanted to do is to be like JESUS! Man, what if we all could get in that mindset? what if we all wanted to become invisible and for JESUS to be visible? So anyways, this Smith dude was seen as a bit odd to say the least…In the 1800s as well as now the belief that prayer and the holy spirit can heal people and ever bring people back from the dead wasnt very popular. Smith was an evangelist who would travel around (England primarily) and have prayer meetings where poeple would come for healing and impartation. He believed the nothing was impossile with the Holy Spirit! You might compare him to an oldschool Todd Bently. I mean this dude defienetly didnt put GOD in any sort of box whatsoever…we do! I think if we are going to really experience a greater move of GOD we need to invite the spirit in and step out of the way. To let GOD do what GOD does best and not trying to control everything all of the time.Lets stop being so normal and go nuts for JC! Instead of just feeling the presence of God we need the GLORY of GOD! BOOOOOOYA!

peace and love


Who is your Timothy?

The Lord has been heavy on my heart asking this question: who is your Timothy? Now if your not familiar with Scripture you’re probably thinking that question doesn’t even make sense…who is your Timothy? In the New Testament the Apostle Paul models perfectly this idea of raising up “Timothy’s” or the next generation leaders to replace the existing leaders position. For you Star Wars geeks its the same concept as a Pad wan .  In this case Obi Wan Kenobi takes young Anikan Skywalker under is wing and trains him in the ways of the Jedi. As you know Kenobi eventually dies and leaves Skywalker to fend for himself. But there is no reason to fear because while Kenobi was alive Anikan studied  and mirrored his every move, knowing the day would come when it would be his turn to replace Obi Wan as the greatest Jedi in the galaxy.

The same is true of Paul and his relationship with Timothy. Paul knew the day would come when he would not be around. He poured everything he had into Timothy, training him in the ways of Apostleship. Paul bolstered Timothy’s confidence in Christ, affirming him in the faith. In 2 Timothy, Paul gives his final charge to Timothy, spurring him on to his destiny found in Christ.

Go read 2 Tim. and be encouraged through Paul’s words.   Ask God who you need to be raising up to take your place when you’re gone.  It’s my prayer that each of us has someone that we are pouring ourselves out for.

I Have Hidden Your Word in my Heart…

A couple months back I was sitting in the living room reading and meditating on my morning devotional. The Psalm for that morning was Psalm 119. I began reading and came across verse 11 which says “I have hidden Your Word in my heart that I might not sin against You.” My  mind began racing…I tried to think back to the last time I actually sat down and memorized Scripture. The only thing that came to mind was Bible Quizzing way back in 9th grade…and even that was because I wanted to win the stupid quizing competition. I honestly couldn’t think of the last verse I had memorized. I became disgusted with myself and vowed from that day on to begin hiding God’s Word in my heart.

The Word of God breathes life into our dry and weary bones. Without a daily dose of His word I find myself craving the things of the flesh; I become susceptible to everyone of the flaming arrows the devil attempts to throw my way. Don’t try to do it on your own…I’ve tried and it is impossible. Hide His Word in your Heart!! And pray the Devil would not snatch away the freshly memorized Scripture. Begin today with one Scripture. Write it on note cards and place them all over the house, office, car, etc. It will completely change the way you read scripture…

more on that later!!

Holieness through intemacy with GOD…