I Have Hidden Your Word in my Heart…

A couple months back I was sitting in the living room reading and meditating on my morning devotional. The Psalm for that morning was Psalm 119. I began reading and came across verse 11 which says “I have hidden Your Word in my heart that I might not sin against You.” My  mind began racing…I tried to think back to the last time I actually sat down and memorized Scripture. The only thing that came to mind was Bible Quizzing way back in 9th grade…and even that was because I wanted to win the stupid quizing competition. I honestly couldn’t think of the last verse I had memorized. I became disgusted with myself and vowed from that day on to begin hiding God’s Word in my heart.

The Word of God breathes life into our dry and weary bones. Without a daily dose of His word I find myself craving the things of the flesh; I become susceptible to everyone of the flaming arrows the devil attempts to throw my way. Don’t try to do it on your own…I’ve tried and it is impossible. Hide His Word in your Heart!! And pray the Devil would not snatch away the freshly memorized Scripture. Begin today with one Scripture. Write it on note cards and place them all over the house, office, car, etc. It will completely change the way you read scripture…

more on that later!!


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  1. Hey, great verse and spot-on with the memorization thing. I’ve been skippin out on the memory verses for a long time too. Great idea with the note cards. This blog rocks, it’s good encouragement and guidance. I’ve only been to the River a few times, but I love it. Keep on keepin on.


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