Who is your Timothy?

The Lord has been heavy on my heart asking this question: who is your Timothy? Now if your not familiar with Scripture you’re probably thinking that question doesn’t even make sense…who is your Timothy? In the New Testament the Apostle Paul models perfectly this idea of raising up “Timothy’s” or the next generation leaders to replace the existing leaders position. For you Star Wars geeks its the same concept as a Pad wan .  In this case Obi Wan Kenobi takes young Anikan Skywalker under is wing and trains him in the ways of the Jedi. As you know Kenobi eventually dies and leaves Skywalker to fend for himself. But there is no reason to fear because while Kenobi was alive Anikan studied  and mirrored his every move, knowing the day would come when it would be his turn to replace Obi Wan as the greatest Jedi in the galaxy.

The same is true of Paul and his relationship with Timothy. Paul knew the day would come when he would not be around. He poured everything he had into Timothy, training him in the ways of Apostleship. Paul bolstered Timothy’s confidence in Christ, affirming him in the faith. In 2 Timothy, Paul gives his final charge to Timothy, spurring him on to his destiny found in Christ.

Go read 2 Tim. and be encouraged through Paul’s words.   Ask God who you need to be raising up to take your place when you’re gone.  It’s my prayer that each of us has someone that we are pouring ourselves out for.


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