So im sure some of you have heard of this dude named Smith Wigglesworth, but alot of you probobly havent. He was around in the 1800s in england. from the day he was born he was totally anointed. All he wanted to do is to be like JESUS! Man, what if we all could get in that mindset? what if we all wanted to become invisible and for JESUS to be visible? So anyways, this Smith dude was seen as a bit odd to say the least…In the 1800s as well as now the belief that prayer and the holy spirit can heal people and ever bring people back from the dead wasnt very popular. Smith was an evangelist who would travel around (England primarily) and have prayer meetings where poeple would come for healing and impartation. He believed the nothing was impossile with the Holy Spirit! You might compare him to an oldschool Todd Bently. I mean this dude defienetly didnt put GOD in any sort of box whatsoever…we do! I think if we are going to really experience a greater move of GOD we need to invite the spirit in and step out of the way. To let GOD do what GOD does best and not trying to control everything all of the time.Lets stop being so normal and go nuts for JC! Instead of just feeling the presence of God we need the GLORY of GOD! BOOOOOOYA!

peace and love



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  1. You have spoken wisely Andrew.

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