Prodigals & Pharisees

Set up the road signs, put up the guideposts (Jer. 31:21), the prodigal’s coming home.

There’s a new wind blowing, a new sound arising, can we hear the trumpet of the Lord??


The prodigals will come home…there’s a familiar wind blowing in Sioux Falls, and when they feel it, they will come home.  The question is, is the church ready for them?  Can the church cast off Pharisee-type thinking and accept the prodigal with open arms, in love and grace and all that Christ would want?  Are the Pharisees going to be OK if God uses the prodigal even more than they think he is using them?  Will the church even humbly accept the prodigal’s ministry over them?

God is going to bring the prodigals back.  God is going to use them in very mighty ways.  The church can choose to either bless them, or let self-righteousness overtake their hearts.  

But what a glorious thought!!! Those who have strayed from the truth, who have stumbled away from the first love of their hearts – they will RETURN!!!!  Even those who seem to be right with God, attending church and meetings, will crave more and more of God.  Oh what a glorious time this is!  I pray that the church would arise – that all the prodigals would return to the intimacy that they first knew – that the Pharisees would lay down their pride and self-righteousness – all for the GLORY of His Kingdom; all for His Name’s sake.

For His Glory, MO



  1. That is so True!! I think you hit the nail on the head, the Religious church is not ready for the homecoming of the prodigal. The church that hangs its doctrine on rules of do’s and don’ts will be blinded just as the Pharisees were to the One and only Messiah – Jesus; They will completely miss the desperate cry of the prodigal….Awake Awake O Sleeper!! God teach us to love like you. To look beyond the outward appearance and straight to the heart.

  2. can we really cast that kind of judgment on the “religious” church? I agree with MO but as for the added comment…the moment we begin to throw labels out and think of fellow members of the Body as the enemy we enter into dangerous territory. It is easy to point fingers, play the blame game, and discuss who “gets it” and who doesn’t but the simple fact is that none of us will ever get it. God is to big for one person or group of people to figure out. So, the question really is how do we reconcile our differences and embrace the beautiful diversity that is The Church? How do we work together with one another and welcome the prodigal as a fully functioning body?

    grace and peace

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