The Masters Men – John

It’s amazing to me at how young the 12 disciples were when Jesus called them. I don’t know maybe we’re teaching it all wrong in Sunday school, giving kids the impression that these twelve Jesus-crazy men were old and rugged fishermen. The truth is they were very, very young…actually they weren’t much older than your average sophomore or junior in high school when Jesus asked them to be His followers.

John particularly amazes me. He was the youngest of the bunch but his courage, passion, and zealous love of the Lord was contagious. He was revolutionary radical, too young to know anything was impossible. The scene at the foot of Jesus’ cross found in John 20 keeps flashing in my mind. The Lord spoke a fresh word as I read…listen to this…

Jesus’ body, bloodied, broken, and beaten to exhaustion hangs limply from the cross. The twelve young men who had just spent the past 2 ½ to 3 years witnessing Jesus’ power and miracles, completely abandoned him out of fear for their own lives. The brave men who declared boldly that they would follow Jesus until the end, now all scattered like cowards across the Judean region. All except for John that is. John courageously and faithfully planted himself at the base of Jesus’ Cross, fulfilling the promise he had made to his Lord and Master to follow him all the way to Calvary. John didn’t care about the consequences he may have faced or the charges the Roman government could have falsely accused him of. He remained faithful and steady to the end.

I believe South Dakota faces the same challenge today with the abortion issue that the apostles faced during Jesus’ crucifixion. Are we going to be like those ten disciples and run away from what we know is the right thing to do? Or are we going to take a STAND courageously and be a “John” to a lost and dying world. We have the chance to put an end to the shedding of innocent blood in our State. It’s time we rise up and count the cost, quit pussy-footing around, and stand up for Truth, Justice, and Righteousness! I want to be remembered as the generation who killed abortion!! I want to be found faithful. I want to be found steady. I want to be found faithful until the end!!!!


GOD- The ultimate Cleaning machine!

Yo. So i am in Lincoln, Nebraska this weekend visiting some friends and hanging out. It has been sweet to get out of town and relax… I dont know about y’all but i have some of the best quiet times when i am away from home and everything. So, last night i was just hanging out at my friends Madison,Lauren and whitneys house  and i decided to go into the room i am staying in and just hang out with JESUS and soak… I would highly reccamend doing this on a regular basis! Anyways, while i was laying on the floor with my headphones in GOD downloaded some things into the chaos that is my brain(HAHA). I believe GOD is and has been trying to tell us all along that he is all we need. we try to take on the world and all of our garbage on our own. I personally am sometimes embarrassed to come to GOD broken and ask for his help(pride issue). GOD loves us more than we can ever image and want to help us through the muck of our life. We dont need to “fix ourselvs up” and then come to him. We need to stop being so dumb and just abandon our hearts to our  father  and  give it up to him!




The River is at 7:00pm (Sept. 26th) – Next Week, Coffee and Karioke “Riverstyle” (Oct. 3rd)

Just a reminder that the river is changing it’s time from 8pm to 7:00pm starting this Friday, September 26th. Come and worship with us at 7pm.

Also next week October 3rd, the River is doing a “coffee house, hang out atmosphere.” There will be LIVE Karioke, sweet prizes and give-aways, and time to relax and hang out with friends!

Don’t miss next week Oct. 3rd

“COFFEE and KARIOKE” Riverstyle


The Master’s Men – Peter

Our friend Peter was always getting himself into trouble by saying or doing something he was soon to regret. John MacArthur coins him as “the apostle with the foot-shaped mouth,” and after reading the gospels, one might agree, it’s hard to argue with him.

Peter was a rugged fisherman with an aggressive, bold, and overeager personality. Peter was introduced to the Lord by his brother Andrew and immediately was recognized as the leader of the Twelve.  In the discussion on Simon Peter, MacArthur highlights several key character qualities that define a true leader. I believe these are essentials in the Christian leader today.

Submission – A true leader doesn’t just demand submission; he is an example of submission by the way he submits to the Lord and to those in authority over him. Everything the true spiritual leader does, ought to be marked by submission to every legitimate authority – especially submission to God and to His Word. Leaders tend to be confident and aggressive. They naturally dominate. Peter had that tendency in him. He always wanted to take control of the situation. Jesus taught him submission.

Restraint – Simon Peter had to learn to restrain himself in those moments when the domineering side of him kicked in. The Lord essentially had to put a bit in Peter’s mouth to teach him restraint. For this reason Peter bore the brunt of so many rebukes when he spoke too soon or acted too hastily. We all remember the scene in the garden when Peter, knowingly surrounded by hundreds of Roman soldiers, pulled out his sword and began hacking away at Malchus’ ear. Luckily for Peter, Jesus immediately healed the damage and sternly rebuked Peter saying, “those who live by the sword, die by the sword.” Peter must have learned his lesson because later in life he wrote in 1 Peter of the restraint demonstrated in Jesus, “They called him every name in the book and he said nothing back. He suffered in silence, content to let God set things right. He used his servant body to carry our sins to the Cross so we could be rid of sin, free to live the right way. His wounds became our healing.” (1 Peter 2:21-23)

Humility – Like Simon Peter, leaders are often tempted by the sin of pride. Early in Peter’s walk with the Lord it’s easy to observe he had a lot of self-confidence. It’s obvious in the way he jumps in with answers to all the questions. Or how bout being the first to jump in the water to walk to Jesus…don’t tell me there’s not a hint a pride and confidence in that. But the Lord used all Peter’s mistakes and shortcomings to teach him humility. Humility became one of the virtues that characterized Peter’s life, his message, and his leadership style. (read about it in his first and second epistle)

Love   Simon Peter also learned Love. All the disciples struggled with learning that true spiritual leadership means loving service to one another. The real leader is someone who serves, not someone who demands to be waited upon. Jesus said, “If anyone desires to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all” (Mark 9:35). Jesus himself consistently modeled that kind of loving-servant leadership for the disciples. The Love Peter learned and later spoke of in his epistle wasn’t the “feeling” of love the world always talks about, but the kind of love that covers and compensates for others’ failures and weaknesses. This is the sort of love that washes a brother’s dirty feet. Peter himself had learned that lesson from Christ’s example.

Courage –   Finally Simon Peter learned courage. Not the impetuous, headlong, false kind of “courage” that caused him to swing his sword so wildly at Malchus, but a mature, settled, heroic willingness to suffer for Christ’s sake. The price of preaching would be death for Peter. Persecution. Oppression. Trouble. Torture. Ultimately, martyrdom. Peter would need rock-solid courage to persevere.  You can practically see the birth of real courage in Peter’s heart at Pentecost, when he was filled and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Tradition says that before Peter was crucified he was forced to watch the crucifixion of his own wife. As he watched her being led to her death, Peter called to her by name, saying, “Remember the Lord.” When is was Peter’s turn to die, he pleaded to be crucified upside down because he wasn’t worthy to die the same death as his Lord. Simon Peter definitely lived up to the name the Lord had given him- the courageous ROCK!!

The generation who Killed abortion!!!

This has been my hearts cry over the past week…”The generation who killed abortion!!!” I want to be able to tell my children and my grandchildren that I played a part in destroying the greatest form of innocent bloodshed in our country’s history. It makes me want to throw up knowing that the mother’s womb is the most dangerous place for babies to be. How ridiculous is that!!

Wake up church! It’s time we take a stand for righteousness sake! Abortion is the greatest social injustice in the world…are we just gonna sit in silence or cry out for those who cannot speak up for themselves? We are killing an innocent baby, a precious life formed in the likeness of our Creator God.  

It’s foolishness to punish the innocent children for the parents mistakes and sins. Last I checked, 4 yr olds were NOT thrown in prison or killed for the sins of the parents…so why are we killing them in the womb? God have mercy!!


By Kylie Vilhauer

Hello Mommy, its me, your baby

You say you love me, maybe.

I know you’re scared and tired

And you aren’t getting admired.

I have fingers and toes

And a tiny baby nose

I can move like crazy

I’m growing like a daisy

Ouch Mommy something poked me

I’m feeling cold and lonely

I can’t feel my toes and fingers

I think I might be in danger

Why aren’t you helping me mommy?

I’m getting very drowsy

There’s something I want you to know

I will always love you so

I can see you as I fly

Mommy. Please don’t cry

I know you’re heart is broken

But we will be together again in Heaven.


I believe this poem is Prophetic. And I pray this would be the resounding battle cry of the Church!

In the Clutches of the Cross,



So i have had an extremely relaxing week! It was much needed after last week for sure! I started reading a commentary about David. You might of heard of him…he was that scrawny little Shepard boy who slayed that ogre jerk Goliath. Anyways, the commentary is by Charles Swindoll, i love the way he writes. I had never read anything by him before but i am going to start reading his stuff for sure.

I ‘ve picked up on some really cool stuff on David in my reading the past few days. The people GOD used in the Bible and the ones he continues to use today is strategic for sure. Three of the reasons GOD chose the little Shepard boy were…

1.Solitude- We really need to learn life’s major lessons alone before we can trusted with great responsibilities. David was definitely stuck in solitude. i don’t know about you but when i think of something fun and exciting, herding my pops sheep doesn’t come to mind. He was out in the middle of nowhere and had to fend for himself. And i mean if you cant stand alone with yourself you are most def gonna have some deep inner conflicts.

2.Obscurity-Men and women servant leaders for GOO are more often then not unseen,unknown and un- appreciated. Servants who are willing to accept this and aren’t demanding the spotlight are they ones that will stir some things up dude!

3.Monotony-Being faithful in the insignificant and routine daily tasks of life Christ calls you too!The true test of where your heart is at is how you act when you are all alone and not a single person is watching…

1 Samuel 17:34-35

But David said to Saul, “Your servant has been keeping his father’s sheep. When a lion or a bear came and carried off a sheep from the flock, I went after it, struck it and rescued the sheep from its mouth. When it turned on me, I seized it by its hair, struck it and killed it.


peace and love