The generation who Killed abortion!!!

This has been my hearts cry over the past week…”The generation who killed abortion!!!” I want to be able to tell my children and my grandchildren that I played a part in destroying the greatest form of innocent bloodshed in our country’s history. It makes me want to throw up knowing that the mother’s womb is the most dangerous place for babies to be. How ridiculous is that!!

Wake up church! It’s time we take a stand for righteousness sake! Abortion is the greatest social injustice in the world…are we just gonna sit in silence or cry out for those who cannot speak up for themselves? We are killing an innocent baby, a precious life formed in the likeness of our Creator God.  

It’s foolishness to punish the innocent children for the parents mistakes and sins. Last I checked, 4 yr olds were NOT thrown in prison or killed for the sins of the parents…so why are we killing them in the womb? God have mercy!!


By Kylie Vilhauer

Hello Mommy, its me, your baby

You say you love me, maybe.

I know you’re scared and tired

And you aren’t getting admired.

I have fingers and toes

And a tiny baby nose

I can move like crazy

I’m growing like a daisy

Ouch Mommy something poked me

I’m feeling cold and lonely

I can’t feel my toes and fingers

I think I might be in danger

Why aren’t you helping me mommy?

I’m getting very drowsy

There’s something I want you to know

I will always love you so

I can see you as I fly

Mommy. Please don’t cry

I know you’re heart is broken

But we will be together again in Heaven.


I believe this poem is Prophetic. And I pray this would be the resounding battle cry of the Church!

In the Clutches of the Cross,



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