GOD- The ultimate Cleaning machine!

Yo. So i am in Lincoln, Nebraska this weekend visiting some friends and hanging out. It has been sweet to get out of town and relax… I dont know about y’all but i have some of the best quiet times when i am away from home and everything. So, last night i was just hanging out at my friends Madison,Lauren and whitneys house  and i decided to go into the room i am staying in and just hang out with JESUS and soak… I would highly reccamend doing this on a regular basis! Anyways, while i was laying on the floor with my headphones in GOD downloaded some things into the chaos that is my brain(HAHA). I believe GOD is and has been trying to tell us all along that he is all we need. we try to take on the world and all of our garbage on our own. I personally am sometimes embarrassed to come to GOD broken and ask for his help(pride issue). GOD loves us more than we can ever image and want to help us through the muck of our life. We dont need to “fix ourselvs up” and then come to him. We need to stop being so dumb and just abandon our hearts to our  father  and  give it up to him!





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