The Masters Men – John

It’s amazing to me at how young the 12 disciples were when Jesus called them. I don’t know maybe we’re teaching it all wrong in Sunday school, giving kids the impression that these twelve Jesus-crazy men were old and rugged fishermen. The truth is they were very, very young…actually they weren’t much older than your average sophomore or junior in high school when Jesus asked them to be His followers.

John particularly amazes me. He was the youngest of the bunch but his courage, passion, and zealous love of the Lord was contagious. He was revolutionary radical, too young to know anything was impossible. The scene at the foot of Jesus’ cross found in John 20 keeps flashing in my mind. The Lord spoke a fresh word as I read…listen to this…

Jesus’ body, bloodied, broken, and beaten to exhaustion hangs limply from the cross. The twelve young men who had just spent the past 2 ½ to 3 years witnessing Jesus’ power and miracles, completely abandoned him out of fear for their own lives. The brave men who declared boldly that they would follow Jesus until the end, now all scattered like cowards across the Judean region. All except for John that is. John courageously and faithfully planted himself at the base of Jesus’ Cross, fulfilling the promise he had made to his Lord and Master to follow him all the way to Calvary. John didn’t care about the consequences he may have faced or the charges the Roman government could have falsely accused him of. He remained faithful and steady to the end.

I believe South Dakota faces the same challenge today with the abortion issue that the apostles faced during Jesus’ crucifixion. Are we going to be like those ten disciples and run away from what we know is the right thing to do? Or are we going to take a STAND courageously and be a “John” to a lost and dying world. We have the chance to put an end to the shedding of innocent blood in our State. It’s time we rise up and count the cost, quit pussy-footing around, and stand up for Truth, Justice, and Righteousness! I want to be remembered as the generation who killed abortion!! I want to be found faithful. I want to be found steady. I want to be found faithful until the end!!!!


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  1. yea bro! I mailed my absentee ballot just this morning. I was having dreams during the two months the ballot took to get over here!

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