Calling out the greatness in others!!

I’m reading a book called The Supernatural ways of Royalty right now and its totally challenging me in a lot of areas. The book calls us as Christians to develop a culture in our homes, churches, businesses, and ultimately in nations that brings out the best in individuals. We do this by seeing and treating others and ourselves not as we are, but as God created us to be. This is not an easy task…

I struggle with always focusing on the little nit-pickythings that I can’t stand in others and soon after, find myself talking crude and negatively about that person. It’s soooo easy to talk behind peoples back, bashing them on all their annoying characteristics. We all hear it…and some of us even are the instigators. This book has opened my eyes and challenged me to stop viewing people with my fleshly eyes because we are all sinners who have fallen short of the glory of God. It’s time we begin to see people as God  sees them – Princes and Princesses!

The next time you find yourself in a rude conversation about someone or your thoughts begin to drift to how much you can’t stand that one person who is really tough to love, remember how Christ views them – as Sons and Daughters of the living God. Pray for them. Begin to call out their Royal destinies. Let’s begin to cultivate and environment that draws out the plans God has hidden in the hearts of people.

May God grant to us the insight to see beyond the outward struggles of people’s lives and speak to the treasure that lies within them. May He give us wisdom to develop kings and priests, and may He endow us with the power to destroy the works of the devil!!



Worship should be exciting!! We shouldn’t have to force ourselves to worship our Creator. It shouldn’t be -I have to worship now…NO…I get to worship. No more of this “I’m going to church to sit in a pew, sleep through half the sermon, eat a cracker and chase it down with a shot a grape juice….No….quit it, stop that ridiculous mind set. Wake Up people!! Worship the Lord with gladness…Gaze upon the beauty of Christ.

He went to the Cross, took the pain, suffering, and abandonment YOU should have felt, and said it’s finished. How can we not Worship Him!!

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PSALM 27:4

4One thing have I asked of the Lord, that will I seek, inquire for, and [insistently] require: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord [in His presence] all the days of my life, to behold and gaze upon the beauty [the sweet attractiveness and the delightful loveliness] of the Lord and to meditate, consider, and inquire in His temple.(Amplified Bible)

I have been reflecting  on this scripture a lot   lately. It really challenges me! Jared talked about Intimacy with JESUS last week at the River. This is hard for me…those of you who know me know that i am not a very sensitive person. nor am i in touch with my emotions! HAHA! So when i read ” gaze upon the beauty [ the sweet attractiveness and delightful loveliness] of the lord”. i will be honest, that’s a stretch. But we ALL need to get to that point in worship and in our lives with Jesus. HE is so beautiful and he gave us so much and to do any less is spitting in his face. i believe we don’t know how well off we are sometimes. we got to church sit through worship…sit through the service and go home or whatever. is it so much to ask that we step out of our comfort box and gaze upon the beauty of the lord and dwell in his presence? NO FRICKEN WAY! I would ask that whoever reads this would make PSALM 27:4 their prayer! GOD gives us the desire of our hearts and for him to hear us ask for more of him and to dwell in his presence is just what our DADDY wants to hear! I hope you can get passed my A.D.D thoughts and get what i am saying…



Call and Response!!

Gotta See This!!!!

My Friends I’m sick and tired of hearing about children being abused and sexually exploited for the enjoyment and pleasure of psychotic white adult males.  The shame and guilt those poor children feel is devastating. I can’t stand it any longer!! Please, please, please watch this powerful video trailer raising awareness of the sex-trafficking that is prevelant all over the world. You might think this doesn’t pertain to the US so why should we bother…YOU  ARE WRONG!!

Have you ever heard of Craigslist. People in the US are using this website as a way to sell children for sexual pleasure…it’s sick and wrong!! God help us!!

Check out this Video!!  at


River night of mayhem!!

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America is crumbling…it’s time we get on our knees!!

Our pastor, yesterday at church, was speaking of this same thing. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but apparently some in congress have decided to take down the “In God We Trust” slogan which is engraved in the wall in the congressional building. We’ve taken God out of our schools, out of the pledge of allegiance, out of our government….and then we wonder why our economy is failing and innocent babies are being killed. I don’t think it’s coincidence! Our country was founded on the Truths and Principles of God. His Providential Favor and Blessing has been evident in our Nation’s rise to prominence and greatness. I believe the moment we begin to turn our backs on God and decide to take him out of the equation, He will begin to lift his hand of protection and favor! And the world knows it too. Yesterday the Iranian president said this, “America is falling apart…we will wait and watch.” These are important times in our Nation!! It’s time we get back to the Godly truths and principles which this country has been founded on since the inception of it’s birth.

In God we Trust, and God Bless America


Directions to the River!!

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