Praying for Sarah Palin

This was a blog posted by Pastor Steve. I thought I would post it here also because I think it’s important we have people everywhere throughout the country diligently lifting up a prayer shield for Sarah Palin and John McCain…God Bless America!!

Yesterday there was a prayer surge throughout the nation for Sarah Palin. This came from Lou Engle…

As you know, for years we have stood in prayer for the ending of abortion. Tuesday night a key friend of mine received this dream:

I had a very short dream, yet it is an exhortation to pray for the vice presidential debate this Thursday evening. In the dream, I was reading Friday’s paper (the day after the debate). There were two papers. One said, “Palin hits a home run,” while the second said, “Palin strikes out.” As I was looking at those two papers, I found myself back at the debate and saw the darkness and powers surrounding the event. Great darkness had been assigned to the debate, and the church was not seeing it nor taking it soberly. 


Would you pray with thousands of others today and during the debate tonight for God’s supernatural hand to attend this profound Esther moment? Thank you! 

Many of us are smiling this morning at headlines like this, and this, and this.  The graphic above comes from this new website encouraging prayer for Sarah Palin.

Take note of what “eyes” people are looking at Palin through. Most are still only looking at her through fleshly not spiritual eyes.


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