America is crumbling…it’s time we get on our knees!!

Our pastor, yesterday at church, was speaking of this same thing. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but apparently some in congress have decided to take down the “In God We Trust” slogan which is engraved in the wall in the congressional building. We’ve taken God out of our schools, out of the pledge of allegiance, out of our government….and then we wonder why our economy is failing and innocent babies are being killed. I don’t think it’s coincidence! Our country was founded on the Truths and Principles of God. His Providential Favor and Blessing has been evident in our Nation’s rise to prominence and greatness. I believe the moment we begin to turn our backs on God and decide to take him out of the equation, He will begin to lift his hand of protection and favor! And the world knows it too. Yesterday the Iranian president said this, “America is falling apart…we will wait and watch.” These are important times in our Nation!! It’s time we get back to the Godly truths and principles which this country has been founded on since the inception of it’s birth.

In God we Trust, and God Bless America



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