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Gotta See This!!!!

My Friends I’m sick and tired of hearing about children being abused and sexually exploited for the enjoyment and pleasure of psychotic white adult males.  The shame and guilt those poor children feel is devastating. I can’t stand it any longer!! Please, please, please watch this powerful video trailer raising awareness of the sex-trafficking that is prevelant all over the world. You might think this doesn’t pertain to the US so why should we bother…YOU  ARE WRONG!!

Have you ever heard of Craigslist. People in the US are using this website as a way to sell children for sexual pleasure…it’s sick and wrong!! God help us!!

Check out this Video!!  at



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  1. Jeremy,

    There is a movie that creates awareness on this issue it’s called “Traffic”. I recommend it to motivate people to get involved with this terrible issue. This is a horrible thing that happens and truthfully could happen to anyone if in the wrong place at the wrong time. There are starting to be more organizations out there to help but it’s difficult. Often to get kids/people out of this modern day slave trade, they are purchased from the slave traders by good organizations to get them out. Keep up the good work.

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