Worship should be exciting!! We shouldn’t have to force ourselves to worship our Creator. It shouldn’t be -I have to worship now…NO…I get to worship. No more of this “I’m going to church to sit in a pew, sleep through half the sermon, eat a cracker and chase it down with a shot a grape juice….No….quit it, stop that ridiculous mind set. Wake Up people!! Worship the Lord with gladness…Gaze upon the beauty of Christ.

He went to the Cross, took the pain, suffering, and abandonment YOU should have felt, and said it’s finished. How can we not Worship Him!!

Come to the River each Friday Night @ 7:00pm!! Experience LIFE CHANGING WORSHIP!! But most of all encounter CHRIST!!!



  1. This is why we fail. This is why the Church is broken. It is comments like this that rip the Church apart from the inside out. If we are to be the body of Christ we must first understand that we are all different. Some of us approach the kingdom differently than you may want us to. There is a richness and depth to liturgy and hymns which is not fueled by emotion like that of today’s contemporary worship music. Passion can be expressed in many ways, not just by fanatical hype. While I admire your passion, please be aware of the possible dangers you open yourself up to when you tear down someones expression of worship.

  2. This makes me nervous. It also makes me extremely sad. I understand the heart behind not simply wanting people to worship because they feel forced. I get that. But I am saddened that we are quick to throw out liturgy and hymnals. Because when we do that we are throwing out history. History of how God has worked in the past. Whether you like it or not–Christianity is history. Christianity is examining how we got from the upper room to where we are. The liturgy that we are blessed to have serves as a reminder that our faith is not about us and our comfort. The cloud of witnesses which surround, encourage and call us forward gave more than to just have their part in God’s story thrown out. I am also nervous because this is a very narrow view of worship. Worship is about more than singing–or playing guitar or dancing. Worship is about giving up what is in your heart and leaving it at the throne of the lamb who sits at the right hand of God. Worship is about offering our lives–not just our Friday nights.

  3. Thanks for the comments! I appreciate the feedback. I think you both are absolutely right in the fact that Liturgy and Hymns are a vital piece to our churches history. I apologize for any offenses or misunderstandings in my post. (I removed the Liturgy and Hymn title)
    What I was trying to communicate in the blog was how most “Christians” have lost the excitement and enthusiasm that comes through praising the Lamb who sits at the throne. I feel like most church attenders go to church out of obligation or because they feel its the right thing to do rather than (as you said, and I agree – Offering our hearts and lives to God).
    “Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise” “Come, let us sing for joy to the LORD; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.”
    I hope I didn’t offend you with the Liturgy and hymn titile – I am truly sorry-…I’m glad it started some conversation though. What are your thoughts?

  4. I think this is a start to conversation which has plenty of potential, both good and bad. In no way was it my intent to attack you or the river. On the contrary the river has played a valuable part in my life and I am thankful for its past and hopeful for it’s future. This whole concept of worship is very ambiguous and it is easy for people to take differing opinions as personal attacks, but this is not my goal. In my experience and my study of worship, I feel that our definitions do not line up with each other. Not that either one is more right than the other, we have been taught to see with different eyes. I have been taught to look to the faith of our fathers, where worship requires more than our voice, it requires our life (which I believe you also agree with). While I do agree that worship has a joyful and celebratory dynamic, the foundation of our worship is based on our emptiness. Our joy in worship comes in the fact that, when we are weak God is made strong. When we lay down our crowns the crown of Jesus is raised up. This kind of worship is by no means easy. It requires us to give up our small kingdoms and step into The Kingdom. It calls for us to drop our nets and follow even if we do not know where we are going. Honest and truthful worship may not always be joyful and exciting, sometimes we come worship out of devotion and sometimes we come reluctantly. This is where we can see the value of liturgies and creeds. When we are in no shape to find the words to say we can join with the voices of the saints and look to the creeds and liturgies of our fathers who have gone before us to express our hearts to God.

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