Calling out the greatness in others!!

I’m reading a book called The Supernatural ways of Royalty right now and its totally challenging me in a lot of areas. The book calls us as Christians to develop a culture in our homes, churches, businesses, and ultimately in nations that brings out the best in individuals. We do this by seeing and treating others and ourselves not as we are, but as God created us to be. This is not an easy task…

I struggle with always focusing on the little nit-pickythings that I can’t stand in others and soon after, find myself talking crude and negatively about that person. It’s soooo easy to talk behind peoples back, bashing them on all their annoying characteristics. We all hear it…and some of us even are the instigators. This book has opened my eyes and challenged me to stop viewing people with my fleshly eyes because we are all sinners who have fallen short of the glory of God. It’s time we begin to see people as God  sees them – Princes and Princesses!

The next time you find yourself in a rude conversation about someone or your thoughts begin to drift to how much you can’t stand that one person who is really tough to love, remember how Christ views them – as Sons and Daughters of the living God. Pray for them. Begin to call out their Royal destinies. Let’s begin to cultivate and environment that draws out the plans God has hidden in the hearts of people.

May God grant to us the insight to see beyond the outward struggles of people’s lives and speak to the treasure that lies within them. May He give us wisdom to develop kings and priests, and may He endow us with the power to destroy the works of the devil!!


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