Obama Nation!!

if you are at all familiar with the Bible you probably have heard the phrase “abomination of desolation.” Jesus mentions this in Matthew 24 as he describes different signs of the end of the age. If you remember a few months back when Obama was running against Hilary in the Primaries. One of his campaign slogans was “Obama Nation.” I don’t think it is coincidental at all that the 43 President of the United States has a last name, that coincides perfectly with the word “Abomination.” I don’t know what the future of our country holds, but I can tell you this – strap on your discernment radar every morning, Do Not be decieved. Recognize that while Barack Obama is our President, King Jesus is still Lord over all!!

Read Matthew 24. Watch for the signs that the end is near. Live with an eternal mind-set. Our Country may face some challenges, but lets fix our eyes on Jesus – HE is our ROCK!!

Pray for our President – Who knows maybe God will show up in his bedroom and give him a whack of JESUS JUICE!!


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