God’s Outrageous Love for you!!!

II Corinthians 5:14a – “whatever we do, it’s because Christ’s love controls!”

This verse awakened my spirit as I read it this morning. If people haven’t encountered the Love of God, then they haven’t experienced a true transformation. It’s the Love of God that drives us to repentance and compels us to change. God’s amazing casts out all fear so there becomes no desire to seek the praise of man, but our hearts cry is to be completly saturated in His perfect Love.

Only Love can reach out a hand to the poor and the beggar. Only Love can stand as a defender of the orphan and the widow. Only Love has enough boldness and courage to cast out demons and lay hands on the sick. It’s only Love that drove one man to the cross, where he suffered and died so that ALL might live.

Is Christ love controlling you???


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  1. Incredible! Yes, I have met this One, and I am consumed by His love for me. It causes me to love……

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