Abortion Survivor!

President Obama is enacting a law known as the Freedom of Choice law that will annul 30 years of progress made in the fight to end abortion. Everything from parental consent to the Born Alive Infants Protection Act will be completely outlawed and the horrific, mutilating practice of abortion will continue to haunt our Nation.
As you listen to the words of Gianna I pray that your spirit comes alive and propels you to get on your knees, begging the Lord Almighty to forgive this Nation for it’s reckless, murderous attitude toward the unborn.
Lord have mercy!


So my mother called me the other day and told me she had found some….lets say interesting pictures from my childhood! (She is getting married and so shes packing her stuff up to move so she had been going through pictures and whatnot.) so anyways…i went over and was looking at these ridiculous pictures of my brothers and i! I respect and love little kiddos so much. They do everything balls to the wall! They don’t care who’s watching or what it is that they are doing! some people might say this is reckless…no way it is totally motivating!
This whole scenario got me thinking…(i know scary!!!) how do we relate our childhood to our relationship with the LORD? Can you image the impact if we had a childlike faith! I WANNA BE RECKLESS FOR JESUS! think of the impact we could have if we didn’t care what people thought…who was watching…what they would say! its crazy to think about! We need to stop thinking about being vulnerable with JESUS and just dive in baby! That’s all i got for now!WORD UP!

Slumdog Millionaire

My wife and I watched the movie Slumdog Millionaire last night…you know, the one everyone’s saying “you have to go see.” It certainly didn’t disappoint. The plot paints a graphic picture of the life of two orphaned brothers surviving in Mumbai, India. Jamal Malik, – who kind of reminded of a modern day Aladin, stealing anything valuable that he could pawn off for some cash, all while pursuing the love of his life – gets the opportunity to play “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” and is one question away from winning a fortune. The entire movie portrays the struggles and challenges facing orphaned children all over the globe.
One part that really caught my attention was how corrupt people become when money is involved. After Malik had won 5,000,000 rupee, the game show host immediately accused him of cheating and sent him to get tortured until he told them where he was getting his answers. How could an uneducated young man from the slums succeed at providing correct answers to questions that had stumped countless scholars before him? They were unwilling to pay him based on his reputation and upbringing. It’s amazing how the love of money can consume and control how we interact with people.
As I was watching the early part of the movie my heart went out to these poor kids. Growing up in the slums and playing with garbage for fun. Stealing for food and sleeping in railroad cars. I was reminded of Heidi and Rolland Baker, and their ministry to the orphans of Mozambique, Africa. This must be the lives these same children live before they are rescued by Heidi and Rolland. My spirit burns for these orphans. I long to reach out to each one of them and fill them with the hope and power of Jesus. If only they new how much they are loved by a sweet, sweet Savior.
If you’ve seen the movie Slumdog Millionaire or even if you haven’t, watch this clip of how God is touching the hearts of these young orphans in Mozambique. See the difference between a child who knows Jesus loves them and a child who is lost and doesn’t have a clue that he is loved. Ask God to spur a passion and strategy for how you can make a difference in child’s life…and don’t use the excuse – “I can’t do anything, I live in America.” There’s plenty of needs right in your own neighborhood, God will show you if you ask!! You can do it…step out in faith and watch what God does!! Besides we’ve got something that’s way more valuable than a Million dollars…We’ve got the LOVE of JESUS CHRIST!!

Peace and Love