So my mother called me the other day and told me she had found some….lets say interesting pictures from my childhood! (She is getting married and so shes packing her stuff up to move so she had been going through pictures and whatnot.) so anyways…i went over and was looking at these ridiculous pictures of my brothers and i! I respect and love little kiddos so much. They do everything balls to the wall! They don’t care who’s watching or what it is that they are doing! some people might say this is reckless…no way it is totally motivating!
This whole scenario got me thinking…(i know scary!!!) how do we relate our childhood to our relationship with the LORD? Can you image the impact if we had a childlike faith! I WANNA BE RECKLESS FOR JESUS! think of the impact we could have if we didn’t care what people thought…who was watching…what they would say! its crazy to think about! We need to stop thinking about being vulnerable with JESUS and just dive in baby! That’s all i got for now!WORD UP!


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